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CheatSpike.com is the new portal of gaming cheats, tips, hacks and tricks. This website will be offering free links and downloads to where gamers can get the tools that can be of there own advantage, whether it be for desktop computers, mobile devices such as ipad, iphone, ipod touch and android. On social games, we offer an alternative for cheat engine and Charles, the cheat tools you can get from our links will be specifically programmed for easy use, no more messing with hard codes, all you have to do is download, click and you can set all your preferences, example getting gold, gems, diamonds, crystals, cash, bucks and all game currency.

cheatpsike official logoWhen it comes to other features, experience and energy will also be a major part of tools that we recommend to you, this will enable the players to play continuously without pausing or having to wait for energy level to increase. CheatSpike.com will always update on daily or weekly basis so this website could serve you better. We structure our posts in a way that you the presentation of the game interface will be followed by the proof of hack and features will be listed below. Videos will also be added for better demonstration of what we offer.

All around the internet, new games sprout like mushrooms after the rain, this will give you more options to choose from, play on your mobile devices or on you computers on the web browser. It is an important component of gaming to have an advantage to enjoy more of the advance features and levels. This is where this website can help you, we collect all the best game cheats and hack and we give you the download link.

So to sum it up, cheatspike will be a portal for all you gaming needs, you can access us via the browser address bar or Google.  All releases will be available for non-jail broken and jail broken devices. No cydia needed.


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CheatSpike is the ultimate portal for game hacks specifically designed for your own advantage on every game you play. We are committed to bring you only the best for you maximum gaming experience and satisfaction.